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Author of this poem:

Robert Rhodes (Yao Xin)
(December 16, 2004)


For more than a decade, Ven. Muny Vansaveth has brought the orphans of Cambodia's AIDS epidemic to live with the monks at Wat Norea

Perhaps these landmines at our feet
were not enough. Perhaps
there would be something more
needed to kill us and leave
our children orphans, pilgrims
to distant wats where only
penniless monks and the ancient buddhas
will accept them.

We are
speaking from a million shallow graves,
where we flow into the river when it rains,
our souls the last to go,
where the immolation of our blood
has left us
on the face of Cambodia.
Watch us, bhikkus, as we drift
across the bottomless sky.

Children of suffering, stay
where the Tathagata
has offered you solace.
Remain in his cool shadow
where limitless dharmas
will clothe and feed and bathe you.

May the perfect mercy
of the mercy that
brought you there
perfect all mercy in you

May you never forget
the perfect mercy of
Wat Norea, and of the bhikku,
Muny Vansaveth
the venerable
to limitless dharmas


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