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Author of this poem:

Robert Rhodes (Yao Xin)
(May 6, 2005)

A White Man's Lament for Mary Dann

because of you

the maladies of stolen land :



uranium-raped :

smite the wasichus

one last time

Dann Sisters
Dann sisters

with the whip of their own

shame :: grandmother :

whispering shoshone

ghosts have welcomed you

to a place where there is

no more land but also

no more theft or

poisoned water :

larcenous fences :

bleeding soil :

bitter gray sky filled

with hard mutating rain ::

the wasichus

took what you had but

missed your brave wise

earth-soul :: grandmother :

you are a pure

crusading presence now ::

so what is there to bury

with all this ceremony but

a breath of ancient

smoke :::

Humming Bird

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