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Author of this poem:

Zen Master Hsu Yun


What good is talking about the future or the past?
It can't change the unchangeable.
What's the difference between leaving home
Or coming here to live in a monastery?

Where can you go that you can't see the moon?
Where can you go that you won't find flowers?
Where there's sky, there's a moon.
Where there's earth, flowers grow.

Carry a lute. Make up your own songs.
You don't need to study other people's music.
Guide your feet until they move in step
With nothing more glorious than a white ox cart.

Unburden yourself. Empty your hands of impediments.
Meditate fiercely! And just when you want to rest
The Lotus Flower will open
And you'll be sitting on the Precious Throne.

Humming Bird
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